Musical Creche Butterfly

Our another exciting project we’ve done was to create all-new graphic identity for Musical Creche Butterfly in Naas (Ireland).

Its owner Mrs Joanna, who founded professional creche in Ireland almost 10 years ago, had only a very basic website so far, without galleries or even a latest news & events page, with hard to remember web address.

Mrs Joanna runs her business ambitiously, with her daily plan during the year filled with lots of events prepared for children and their parents. Because social media is not always the best form of contact with parents, it was necessary to build a professional site that meets the expectations of Mrs. Joanna and help further to promote what she does.

We have created a new logo and website, which we’ve given the new name “MP Butterfly” and registered it in the local domain “.ie”. At the request of Mrs Joanna we have also created a business cards for her, based on the guidelines of a new branding. To date, we co-operate with MP Butterfly creating new graphics for banners, posters, or other ways of updating the website.

It is important to note, that on a daily basis, Mrs Joanna can update her website on her own, using a smartphone application, adding new photo galleries (password-protected access for parents), or adding latest news or events.

We encourage everyone to visit Musical Creche Butterfly at